Brimpharm Group, headquartered in Cape Town, began in 1998 under the name Generix International Limited. Its principal focus was the procurement, registration and distribution of generic medicines out of China, primarily for the South African market and for developing African countries. This involved co-developing finished formulations,assisting the manufacturers to attain international GMP standards and developing CTD format dossiers for both the API and the Finished Formulations. Brimpharm not only manages the relationship with the suppliers as well as the entire supply chain, but also performs in-house audits of each facility to ensure ongoing compliance with GMP standards and technical agreements.

To this extent, Brimpharm has established and staffed an office in Shanghai. Staff are fully trained in all key areas. Brimpharm has become an expert in its dealings with China and has pioneered the introduction of Chinese manufactured generic medicines and their subsequent registration into regulated markets around the world. Brimpharm was, in fact, the first company in the world to register a Chinese manufactured finished product in a regulated market.

Brimpharm also applied its model to the partnering of European manufacturers and also represents a number of leading EU manufacturers in it's territories and markets.

Aspen Pharmacare Limited has acquired a majority stake in Brimpharm in its companies registered in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and UK.